AOC WS Standards & Evaluation Support


Assist in the scheduling, organizing, monitoring and evaluating unit exercises and training programs to maximize training.

Work in conjunction with 608 AOC & ACOMS Training Managers in identifying and publishing unit AOC divisional, team, and positional training requirements and processes to be exercised during training events and exercises.

Work in conjunction with 608 AOC & ACOMS Training Managers in the evaluation of the supporting exercise training systems as they impact training.

Work with the unit in leading and training unit exercise control cells in support of monthly unit exercises.

Establish and implement procedures for the evaluation program IAW AFI 13-1v2 Chapter 4, Evaluations. Document the evaluation program IAW AFI 13-1v2 Chapter 5, Evaluation Documentation.

Develop and coordinate local MQF as appropriate.

Coordinate and submit required local and CAF MQF inputs with assistance from subordinate teams and cells. Standardize local MQ questions.

Review HHQ MQF and submit changes to appropriate OPR.

Coordinate with HHQ STAN/EVAL for topics and format requirements for MQF questions.

Administer open and closed book written evaluations for: initial qualification evaluation/ examination (IQE) as required, mission qualification evaluations/examination (MQE), and requalification evaluations/examination (RQE) and recommend awarding of CMR status to the commander.

Establish procedures for review and quality control of evaluation documentation.

Coordinate with STAN/EVAL representatives from other AOC or War Fighting Headquarters (WFHQ) units to ensure seamless development and maintenance of the AOC STAN/EVAL program.

Establish, manage, and maintain a trend analysis program. When trends are noted, assign an OPR/OCR to determine if corrective or best seen actions are required; report trends and status to the commander until closed.

Process, track, and maintain AF Forms 847.

Establish local Special Interest Items as required.

Review and ensure standardization of locally developed AOC division or team positional/ functional area checklists.

Coordinate required SPO training with AOC/ACOMS and the AFGSC SPO training representative.

Monitor AFSPC CYSS CYI Mission Readiness Training Share point for AFGSC class openings in ETCA (Education Training Course Announcements). Send out monthly updates to AOC & ACOMS pertinent training to current AFSCs.

Work in conjunction with the 608th AOC Training Managers in the execution of training exercises.

Training and Stan/Eval Support shall be the Exercise Lead for all exercise planning, debriefing, leading up to, and post-execution of Global Lightning & Global Thunder.

Training and Stan/Eval Support shall be responsible for coordinating the 608 AOC responsibilities of Global Lightning & Global Thunder with appropriate external agencies.

Training and Stan/Eval Support shall be responsible for maintaining Lessons Learned and feedback from all exercises the 608 AOC participates in. Trusted Agents are responsible for giving feedback on exercises.


A Top Secret (TS) security clearance with eligibility for Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI)

At least three (3) years of demonstrated relevant experience working with AOC Weapon Systems and familiar with Air Force Instruction (AFI) 13-1 AOC Volume 3 Operational Procedures Air and Space Operations Center, secure facility access processes.

Demonstrated working knowledge of the following AOC Processes: Strategy Development; Target Development; Guidance, Apportionment, and Targeting (GAT); Master Air Attack Plan (MAAP) development; and ATO Execution

Demonstrated relative knowledge of intelligence capabilities, processes, and tasking mechanisms necessary to support Government efforts for performance of AOC WS.

Demonstrated relevant experience with and/or education in the following:

Participation in AOC exercises or operations

Real world contingency experience is highly desired

Experience supporting AOC operations within classified environments

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